About our Company

Defence Armor is a company specializing in Vehicle armoring in all levels of protection. We are dedicated to providing vehicle and personal protection security solutions according to the individual needs of our clients.
Defence Armor Pty Ltd is a young and dynamic company producing a wide range of Armored Vehicles to the highest quality ranging from armored passenger vehicles to Military Personnel Carriers.
Defence Armor always ensures that the original appearance and handling qualities of the vehicle are left intact, and that the glass elements remain aesthetically true to their original appearance. A vehicle in which the armouring is not readily visible will be able to blend into the civilian traffic flow more easily and stands less chance of being singled out and targeted. Because of this, discretion and appearance are a very big as important to a vehicle's security as quality of armor.

Defence Armor offers a full armoring solutions catering from B2 (up to 9mm Handgun), to B4 (highest handgun protection), up to B6 (Assault rifle 7.26 x 39 (AK-47), 5.56 NATO (M16/R4/R5)). 

We customize vehicles with some of the highest grade materials available on the market to ensure that a vehicle is protected against threats including military-grade and high-power small fire arms.

Defence Armor Difference

Experience the Global Difference The Defence Armor's global presence and rich heritage highlight a comprehensive, customer-focused experience that begins with your needs and desires and continues through production, delivery and throughout the service life of your vehicle. The passion and craftsmanship of the entire Defence Armor family can be seen both in our handworked interiors and cutting-edge ballistic protection. Enjoy the perfect marriage of form and function.

Research Development

Each year, our Defence Armor teams conduct various ballistic tests to understand exactly how different solutions perform against different threats. By constantly analyzing threats and hostile force tactics, we ensure suitable countermeasures are always ready. From transparent armor and aramid fibers to titanium, boro silicates and ceramics, Defence Armor is one of the industry leaders in materials research.



The mobile protection market can be confusing. Ballistic standards vary across the globe and each company presents you with technical jargon and complex charts that further complicate your decision. At Defence Armor, we take the guesswork out of ballistics through a system of threat identification, world-class research and development and proof of concept via material certification and independent full-vehicle testing.


Manufactures Relationship

The proven ability to work with major OEM providers around the world sets the Defence Armor apart from other armored vehicle providers. Our in-house sales and engineering teams are well versed in the details of selecting, designing and manufacturing a vehicle to meet the needs of the customer. Our joint development experience extends to the heavy-duty truck platforms as well. Cooperative efforts and access to complete vehicle parts lists further enhance the experience of purchasing your complete lifecycle solution.