Two Column Portfolio Subheading

Invisible Armouring

All opaque armour components are pre-fabricated utilising laser and plasma cutting technology and stored pending the assembly process. This facilitates fast production times as all components are “off the shelf”. The opaque armouring system was designed to use the smallest number of panels possible. This system reduces the number of welds and joints and provides “plat panels”, wherever possible. This adds to the rigidity and overhaul strength of the package. Following this philosophy, the rear tailgate/doors are left as standard. Immediately behind these doors Alpha fits a ballistic steel door with a ballistic glass window, surrounded with steel overlaps. This system adds considerable to the rigidity of the ballistic cage and provides yet further protection against bullet penetration and blast IED attack. (see below for further advantages)

Special ballistic steel is use exclusively, including the floor area and foot-wells, in the Alpha Land Cruiser which adds further to the protection levels provided against blast and IED attacks. Alpha exceeds B6 levels of protection in floor and roof areas by providing 90° angle attack (B6 is 45°) Considerable care in the original design was made to ensure complete ballistic protection (no holes) for the front bulkhead area, where mechanical and electric components access the passenger area from the engine bay .

Chassis & Suspension

Defence Armor engineer the suspension and chassis so that the vehicle drives and handles as close to the standard car as possible.

The springs, shock absorbers, role and torsion bars and brake system are replaced with new up rated parts designed and manufactured specifically to counter weight increase and additional stresses on chassis components.The ratings of these components are measured to provide the optimum balance in handling so as not to affect the overhaul driving dynamics and handling of the vehicle from the standard car.

The A, B and C pillars are strengthened internally and new heavy duty door hinges and tie straps are pre-fabricated to stop the door from dropping and causing rattles in operation. Specialist engineering companies are used for the manufacturing of these components exclusively for Defence Armor..

Ballistic protection

In pursuit of innovation, Defence Armor is constantly refining its security technology. The company maintains its own development department dedicated to testing both concepts and materials under realistic conditions in the field. Our new security developments are designed to exceed the current standards embodied in civilian and military vehicles. As a result, our concept always reflects the highest security levels.